SMC BMC Household appliances

We supply SMC and BMC materials for a wide range of household appliances: iron heat shields, coffee machine components, microwave ware, white goods components, grips and handles, pump and motor housings as metal substitution, etc. Depending on the specific application, we will recommend you the best tailor-made formulation to meet your requirements.



AbrasionFinishHigh Temperature
Low ShrinkFlowChemical Resistance
Food ContactFlame ResistanceHydrophobe
Low ProfileReactiveLow Emission


Glass Fiber ContentIT.CA-1215 — 35%
ShrinkageISO 25770.00 — 0.20%
Flexural StrengthEN ISO 1412570 — 250MPa
Flexural E-ModulusEN ISO 141258000 — 12000MPa
Impact Strength (Charpy)EN ISO 17920 — 120kJ/m2
DensityEN ISO 1183-11.7 — 2.0g/cm3
Water AbsorptionEN ISO 62< 0.3%
Heat Distortion TemperatureISO 75-2-A>280ºC

The values will depend on the specific formulation