Building & Construction

SMC and BMC compounds are designed to meet the Building & Construction requirements: light weight, long life, high mechanical properties, good corrosion & chemical resistance, fire resistance, low smoke emission, UV resistance, good abrasion resistant surface, etc. This sector uses SMC and BMC in the manufacture of panels for building façades, water tanks, sports stadiums seats, door skins, manhole covers, access chambers, cable trays, etc.

Benefits of SMC/BMC in Building & Construction:

  • Flame retardant and low smoke systems compliant with the highest standards
  • Low weight compared to traditional materials like steel, iron and concrete making installation faster and cheaper
  • Highly water resistant and ideal for potable water storage
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • Excellent electrical insulation and creep resistance
  • Highly resistant to weathering, and humidity
  • Design freedom (complex geometries and integration of parts and functions)
  • Ideal for very complex parts
  • High dimensional accuracy from very low to very high temperatures
  • Excellent sound dampening qualities
  • Mass pigmented
  • Tough and durable. Resistant to vandalism.
  • Resistant to corrosion and corrosive environments