SMC Structural parts

Astar is a leading producer of SMC materials for structural parts: bumpers, pillars, frames for windows/sunroofs, deflectors, spoilers, fenders, air-foils, truck cabs, truck steps, truck grilles, doors, pick-up floor pans, spare wheel wells, etc. Depending on the specific application, we will recommend you the best tailor-made formulation to meet your requirements.


Low ShrinkFlowLow Profile
Low EmissionSurfacePaintable


Aplicaciones en Transporte y Automoción de SMC y BMC Aplicaciones de compuestos SMC y BMC
Glass Fiber ContentIT.CA-1225 — 50%
ShrinkageISO 2577-0.10 — 0.10%
Flexural StrengthEN ISO 14125150 — 250MPa
Flexural E-ModulusEN ISO 141259000 — 14000MPa
Tensile StrengthEN ISO 527-460 — 120MPa
Impact Strength (Charpy)EN ISO 17960 — 140kJ/m2
DensityEN ISO 1183-11.7 — 1.9g/cm3
Water AbsorptionEN ISO 62< 0.3%
Heat Distortion TemperatureISO 75-2-A>280ºC

The values will depend on the specific formulation