Automotive & Transportation

Astar works closely with the automotive and transportation industries. Our SMC and BMC materials are used for a wide range of automotive, bus, truck, agriculture, train, tram and underground parts, from headlamp housings to exterior body panels, under-the-hood components, heat-shielding components, structural parts, cosmetic components, seats, interior panels, doorframes, etc. The main automobile manufacturers include on their vehicles parts made of Astar’s materials.

Benefits of SMC/BMC in Automotive & Transportation applications:

  • Design freedom (complex geometries and integration not possible in metals)
  • System cost saving potential compared to steel, with lower tooling costs for shorter series
  • Customization and speed to market are easier and faster with SMC/BMC
  • SMC / steel / aluminium hybrids are fully compatible
  • Weight savings with excellent strength/stiffness
  • Permeability of electromagnetic waves for antenna systems
  • Function Integration (e.g. antenna systems can be hidden between inner and outer panel shells)
  • Parts Integration (e.g. single technical section can replace >20 individual metal parts)
  • Class A surface with same appearance as steel parts
  • On-line paintability
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE) comparable to steel and aluminum
  • Retention of properties after paint and thermal treatments
  • Excellent sound dampening properties, substantially better than aluminium
  • Engineered crash performance
  • Mass coloured
  • Resistance to corrosion from hot oil, petrol, coolants, brake fluid, glycols or road salts
  • High heat resistance makes SMC/BMC suitable for underbonnet parts, headlamp reflectors and sunroof frames and assemblies
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Flame retardant and low smoke systems compliant with the highest standards
  • Unlike thermoplastics, SMC/BMC does not melt or release burning droplets which spread fire
  • Halogen-free formulations mean extremely low smoke and low toxicity